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Jeep Comanche!

Welcome to the Jeep Comanche web site.  I tried to get as much information and functionality on this web site as possible for you jeep Comanche fanatics.

This model truck was designed from 1986 to 1992. In my opinion, this jeep truck was, and still is an awesome vehicle. In it's day the Comanche was the king of the compact pickup. It's style was discontinued because Chrysler already had put most of their time and money into other trucks. If you search on the web today it is very difficult to find anything on the jeep comanche. So far I found only a few pages with some nice pictures with some jeep performance chips for trucks.


The MJ (Comanche) came with the AMC 2.5L I4 150 engine standard and the GM 2.8L V6 173 optionally in 1986. Also optionally in 1986 was a 4cyl. 126 turbocharged, Renault-made Diesel. The AMC 4.0L I6 243 was introduced in 1987. Horsepower for the 4.0L in 1987 was 150, '88-'90 was 177, and '91 was 190.

The AX-5 and BA 10/5 were used with the I4 and the V6 used only the AX-5. The BA 10/5 was discontinued in 1989 and the AX-15 was used with the 4.0L I6. The gear ratios for these transmissions are as follows..

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Rev
AX-5 3.93 2.33 1.45 1.00 0.85 4.74
BA 10/5 3.39 2.33 1.44 1.00 0.79 N/A
AX-15 3.83 2.33 1.44 1.00 0.79 4.22

Transfer Case
The NP-207 was used until 1987, after it the NP-231 was used. The NP-207 and NP-231 are the Command-Trac transfer cases. The other transfer cases are not listed at this time.

Front Axle
The Dana 30 was used as the front axle in the MJ. Stock gear ratio for the Dana 30 was 3.55 with 4.11 being optional.

Rear Axle
The Dana 35c is the axle most commonly found in the rear of the MJ. Stock gear ratio for the Dana 35 was also 3.55 with 4.11 being optional. The Dana 44 was optional in some models with the "metric ton" package.

Production Information
Jeep Comanche MJ 1986-92 190,446

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