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Jeep Comanche Pictures :)


My Comanche has been in our family for more than 19 years. The truck
was manufactured in June 1989. My daughter purchased the truck from
Casey & Akin Chevrolet - Jeep in Jackson, Tennessee on Feb. 21, 1990.
The odometer reading showed 975 miles on that date, It now shows 130,670.
She traded the Comanche to my son in early 1995. In August 1995 I bought the
SporTruck from my son. I have owned my Comanche longer than any other vehicle,
and I have no plans to sell or trade it.

My 89 Comanche is still about as original as it was in 1989. It has the original
4 cylinder 2.5 L AMC engine and 5 speed manual transmission, and looks almost
as good as it did the day I purchased it. My truck has original red paint and black
SporTruck stripe and it is 100% rust free. It is a short bed model with 2 wheel drive.

On May 9, 2009 my SporTruck won a first place trophy for mid size stock trucks in the
annual Strawberry Festival Auto Show in Humboldt, Tennessee. My Jeep pickup has
always been reliable and is fun to drive. When I drive my SporTruck down the road, I feel
just as important as the dudes driving huge extended cab mega trucks of today. I know
my Comanche turns more heads than their trucks do and I am able to drive by more gas
stations without stopping to fill er up.

Lonnie F. Paschall
Jackson, Tennessee

red comanche

comanche interior



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